Completing first year

Provincia del Pacífico

As the new Company of Mary High School in Temecula, California, completes its first year there is much to celebrate and to be grateful for. The year flew by and the experience was beyond expectations.  Our students grew in “wisdom, age and knowledge”.

A year ago at this time, we invited our local clergy to lunch to share our dreams for the incoming year.  Filled with the joy of the accomplishments of this first year, we felt it was appropriate to gather, once again, in thanksgiving.

We invited our clergy back, as well as key friends and benefactors to share aspects of the dream come! This time, our students were their own spokespersons sharing about the academic program, student body association with its corresponding activities, leadership training and opportunities provided by involvement in FFA, sports program, and their unforgettable and transformative Legacy Pilgrimage to Bordeaux, France, Barcelona and Rome. Our luncheon was a great success with our guests duly impressed with the growth and excellence of our program and students