Thomas Newman, Head of Theology at Notre Dame School

Delegación territorial de Inglaterra

The Educational Conference in Haro was an excellent opportunity for myself to gain further insight into the nuts and bolts of the Company of Mary Our Lady. I am specifically interested, as Head of Theology at Notre Dame, in two key areas. Firstly the role of evangelism in our schools and the opportunity we have to confidently present Jesus Christ and the Gospel values to our students as a way to complete them as a whole people. It was interesting to hear some of the struggles other countries were having with limitations on religious freedom, most notably France.

Secondly I was interested to see how we could incarnate the ethos of St Jeanne de Lestonnac into the pedagogy. I had been developing a gifted and talented program for our girls to become more independent thinkers by exploring and exchanging ideas. The presentation from the Spanish school regarding the 3 X's was particularly reassuring and pleasingly aligns us with the worldwide mission of the Company of Mary.

Overall this was a brilliant opportunity to meet many dimensions of the worldwide network and develop my own professional experience.