Something new is sprouting… in Cobham too!

Delegación territorial de Inglaterra

Since April 2015 we had been discussing the possibility of forming a new UK based charity. The new charity would be a sister charity to other charities of the Company of Mary and could liaise with them if and when appropriate, namely ODNs and FISC to collaborate in small projects.

The aims of the Charity would be twofold: Educational and to raise funds for projects supported by the Company of Mary around the world to prevent and relieve poverty for the public benefit, by helping to fund educational and development projects and activities for women, children and young people.

The name is: “ODNs Cobham Outreach”; it was pre-registered in March and formally adopted on 20 June 2016. We thought about having a presence at Notre Dame School Summer Fair; our stall was located, next to the Alumni stall and we agreed that fete should be used principally as ‘awareness raising event’.

We want to cooperate on development issues and facilitate opportunities for voluntary service, combining our institutional and personal efforts that are part of the international educational mission of the Company of Mary Our Lady and… What matters to you, matters to us!