“She felt inspired to offer to the Lord the first fruits harvested…” (H.O.)

Delegación territorial de Inglaterra

The Harvest Festivals of Thanksgiving are traditionally held on around the world; they are marked by churches and schools with singing, praying and decorating with baskets of food and fruit which are then given to charities which help those in need to celebrate the harvest of the preceding year. Communities would come together for a harvest supper.

Nearly 100 people attended a barn dance organised by a Team of CAFOD volunteers (Just One World), who all attend Sacred Heart, Cobham: parishioners, Sisters and new parish priest, Fr Jonathan. It was lovely to see everyone smiling as they danced; a really enjoyable evening.

A barn dance is any kind of dance involving folk music with traditional dancing, occasionally held in a barn, but, these days, in any suitable building; it’s associated with family-oriented or community-oriented events, for people who do not normally dance. The caller will, therefore, use easy dances so that everyone can join in.

In this time of abundance, it is important that we remember those who are without food and join together, putting our faith into action to help create a fairer world… Sacred Heart’s donation will enable CAFOD’s partners to continue working with communities across the world.