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  • Lunes, 22 Abril 2024
  • Santos Cayo y Sotero mrs.

“You have been trusted to look after something precious” (2 Tim 1, 14)

Delegación territorial de Inglaterra

To share a dream fills our hearts with enthusiasm and hope, since it allows us to participate in the construction of the history.  A Formation Day offered us the opportunity of promoting the life of the school by strengthening its identity as Company of Mary.

Sr Anne Gill highlighted the responsibility we have to keep the flame that we have received alive, in order that with gratitude we may spread it. After a presentation of the different aspects involved in the Ignatian Spirituality, we were invited to reflect personally on it. The experience of God, lived in the darkness of a transformative night, is the source of our spirituality.

Sr Maria Quinn led us to a journey in time XVI century France to meet Jeanne de Lestonnac and understand our history; she made a presentation filled with enthusiasm and depth. We were all greatly motivated, encouraged and provided with a solid foundational base. She helped us deepen our sense of belonging according to each one’s particular vocation.

In The celebration of the Mass, the Day was greatly valued; of the 90 times Jesus was addressed directly in the gospels, 60 times he was called Teacher; at this very moment multiplied thousands of educators are doing what Jesus said to do: teaching all nations. The inspirational film “To Do or To Die” enlightened us about Jeanne de Lestonnac’s legacy with the exchange between past and present, the roots and their fruit.